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Welcome to Silver Creek Homes – Changing the Perception

For over a decade, we’ve grown from a small, family-run business to become one of the top custom home builders in the Michiana area. As Michiana’s premier Custom Home Builder, we offer the exceptional quality and value of modern modular homes. While there are many reasons for our success in Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana, they all stem from some key factors such as our superior craftsmanship, unparalleled comfort, consistent value, efficient energy saving designs and a commitment to personalize your new home to be a perfect fit for you and your family.

Personalized Perfection

Our committed staff at Silver Creek Homes offers unwavering support in the building process. We do not just build new homes. We build trust and peace of mind. We are engaged from the moment we are introduced to our new families and are dedicated to offering nothing short of an exceptional home building experience. Silver Creek Homes works with no limits to exhibit our knowledge and passion about the home building process to homebuyers. We imagine the family events, the friends being entertained and the graceful aging process with you. We live in the moment as we help you establish your forever home. Each and every home we build is built as if it were our own.

Immaculate Craftsmanship and Quality

Notice the difference. One of the most important difference in our homes, aside from the outstanding value, is the custom structure itself. Once you take your first step inside any of our Silver Creek Homes and your first impression will be of impeccable quality. Our homes are inspected throughout the building process for Quality Assurance and customization adherence. Our collection of exceptional Silver Creek Home owners, no doubt, would recommend our quality custom homes to family and friends. We’ve been building superior quality new homes for over a decade and our craftsmanship is clearly exhibited in every new home we build.

Comfort and Efficiency

Our superior homes offer the most lavish and unparalleled comfort in conjunction with all of the energy efficiency one would expect from a modern 21st century home. Because the heart of our homes are built in a temperature controlled environment, away from ever changing climatic environments, the incidences of external pests, molds and destruction during the building process are much less than with a traditional site built home. Silver Creek Homes build a better, more efficient home that will continue to serve your family for years to come with comfort and exceptional energy savings.

Individualized Attention

We passionately guide each of our valued customers throughout the entire custom homebuilding process. From the time you decide to build with us and long after you’ve happily moved in, we are always there offering support and advice along the way to ensure an exceptional experience. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that each of our homebuyer family members is educated in the land acquisition and loaning process. We are dedicated to an individualized approach to your experience and offer an array of services beyond the homebuilding process. As the largest modular home builder in the area, we offer homebuyers land acquisition services along with top-rated home loan financing. We help our home buyers find a loan that is streamlined, simplified and with a desirable competitive rate.

Changing the Perception – The New Custom Built Home –Modular Magnificence

How is a Modular Home different from a Manufactured Home or a Site Built Home?

Modular Homes, sometimes called prefabricated homes, are structures that are pre-built in sections called modules that are shipped to the building site and then placed together according to a detailed blueprint. Modular homes are nearly indistinguishable from Site built homes and retain the same, if not better, value in the realty market as the home ages.

Many people who fear the term “modular” do not truly understand the difference between modular, manufactured and site built homes. Before you write off the modular, it is well worth your time to read about what a modular home is, to know some common misconceptions about modular homes and how modular homes are different than a site built custom home.

Modular vs. Manufactured

Key main differences that distinguish a modular home from a manufactured home:

· Manufactured Homes

o Built on a Steel Beam and Axles.

o A true Mobile home –referred to as a single wide or a double wide trailer

o Generally placed in a trailer park or mobile home lot

o Often treated like an automobile and loses value over time

o Manufactured homes are all built to one standard no matter where they are placed. If you live in Maine, you have the same insulation in your home than if you were to live in a manufactured home in Florida. This is not the case for a modular or site built home.

o You get what you see in the “brochure”.

· Modular Homes

o Nearly identical to a site-built home

o Placed on a traditional foundation (including a basement or crawlspace)

o Traditional Construction Materials (2x4’s, drywall, wood trusses and superior insulation)

o Fully customizable- This is not a cookie cutter house as there are many additional items that can be added, changed and altered from the original plan.

o Built to International and State Standards which means they are built specifically for the location for which they will be taking residence. A modular in California would be able to withstand the occasional Earthquake while a home in Florida would have materials that withstand hurricane force winds.

o Increase in value to the home over time equal to that of a site built home.

Modular Homes and Site- Built Homes

There are some key reasons a modular home is superior to a site-built home. One of the main is that a modular home is fully capable of being adapted and customized just like a home built on site. As a matter of fact, a modular home has all the benefits of a site-built home plus some added advantages!

Why is modular better?

· Affordability – With modular you generally get more square footage per dollar than a site built home.

· Made in a controlled environment with less pests, mold and exposure to elements like rain or pollen. This means less damage and increased efficiency because weather will not stop us!

· Faster Return on Investment. Modular homes allow for site work and actual structure building to happen at the same time. This can mean a home is built in 50% less time!

· Flexible – Modular home can be built more affordably in areas that are more remote and can be added to easily upon request.

· Environmental Advantages for modular buildings. Modular homes can be 100% recycled. You can move your home and not lose any of your original investment. Reduction of waste and site disturbance are commonplace.

· Healthier. Being built in a controlled environment proves to be extremely beneficial by eliminating the risk of mildew, rust, sun damage and mold which can exacerbate respiratory problems whereas a site built home is at risk from these type of threats.

You will be amazed at the quality, craftsmanship, comfort and value that Silver Creek Homes can deliver for your budge. Contact us today to see how Silver Creek Homes is “changing the perception” one happy homeowner at a time. Our elite staff awaits your customizable idea!

No matter where you on the Indiana map, we offer affordable unique homes and houseplans.

We proudly serve our Indiana natives in Elkhart, South Bend, Plymouth, Warsaw and Goshen. Our Michigan residents can rest assured as we also build spectacular homes in the following Michigan cities: Granger, Niles, Sturgis, Edwardsburg and Kessington. Don’t see your town? Do not worry, we take pride in building modular living homes within a 40 mile radius of our headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana.

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