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Jones, MI

Modular Homes Look Similar to Conventional Homes

Modular home construction takes place with state of the art modern factory manufacturing techniques. A modular home is built from 80% to 90% complete before it is delivered and set up. Modular homes are assembled, connected and completed. A modular home construction process can provide customers with customized home suitable to their needs. All of our homes built are constructed with weather tight materials. Silver Creek Homes manufacturers build the homes complete with drywall, cabinets, plumbing fixtures and electrical. Today, a modular modern home is quite similar in appearance to a traditional home. These prefab homes have the look and style of today's contemporary homes.

Modular Home Service in Jones, MI

Many modular homes are serviced in Jones, MI. Silver Creek Homes has created modular homes like a hybrid home building industry. Our homes are far more superior than wooden stick built homes. The home price costs is lot less than building a traditional home and this has helped thousands of consumers save both time and money when buying a home. Modular homes can be built faster than traditional homes in less than half the time allowing the consumer to save valuable time that can be invested in landscaping or other things that need to be done to the property where the home will be located.

Our website is designed for new home buyers to help them get started in choosing and designing their new modular home. You can design your new modular home to be customized just for you. The experienced modular home building contractors will create, build, and design your new modular home. Our contractors build modular homes 15% more efficiently than conventional homes. After your home is built, it can be delivered to your home site and set up. The construction process will begin at the design phase of your home in Jones, MI. Our contractors use computer-assisted design technology. This helps to customize floor plans designed to the consumers style sand tastes. After the designs are final, then the building process will begin.

Modular Home Building Process

The quality of the modular homes is already included in the assembly line techniques. The home will travel through a few workstations to be assembled. They are built with energy efficiency. This definitely saves the consumer thousands of dollars on their electricity bills. The stages of production are carefully monitored while the home is being constructed. This modular home manufacturer uses a quality control process to ensure that the home has been fully inspected. Modular homes have to be built for code compliance and workmanship. Code compliance is different for different regions or zones in the nation. These modular homes are built stand up to severe weather conditions in Jones, MI like tornadoes.

Our modular homes are built strong to withstand the transport from the factory site to the home site. Modular homes have been modernized to withstand devastating winds better than a traditional wooden stick built home. Modular homes are not to be confused with mobile homes because they are built to adhere to federal codes and regulations and they have no design limitations. This is what makes modular and mobile homes different.Many problems can be encountered on the home site, but the modular home contractors have a wise solution for all on site problems that arise.

Modular Home Benefits

Modular homes are built to HUD Code standards. Steel undercarriages support each section of the home making it more stable and sturdier than conventional homes. Two-story modular homes can be built in some states. The average modular manufactured home will cost about $35.00 and $65.00 per square foot. These have many similar features of a traditional stick built home and they include vaulted ceilings, skylights, ceramic tile, and hardwood floors, large bedrooms and huge walk-in closets, living and dining rooms, and more. These homes must adhere to local, federal, and state building codes. Consumers enjoy the benefits of saving a lot of time and money. Silver Creek Homes are extremely safe for living sand they are safer than wooden built homes. You can design and customize the modular home the way you like and the manufacturer will construct the home and deliver it to your property.

Our modular home manufacturers complete a beautifully designed home with many amenities. They can be built from simple and basic styles and designs to the most luxurious and elegant styles and designs. Advanced computerized technology helps them to create absolutely breathtaking designs in modular home building.

In Jones, MI, These homes can be distributed to buyers and ones that already own them and need modular home services such as repair or replacement parts. New modular homes in the Jones, MI area have to conform to all building codes. The consumer mist arrange for permits before the modular home can be delivered and set up. First a zone must be established and these zones include wind, thermal, roof and local zones. There is no limit to the square footage plan of modular homes.

Today in Jones, MI, "green" modular home construction is becoming very popular. These "green" modular homes are built to be even more energy efficient. Modular homes can be updated to green modular homes with green appliances being installed. Using low-flow fittings on faucets is one good example of green.

Modular home contractors are available in the Jones, MI area to help you plan, create and design your new green modular home. Building green helps to improve the environment. These green modular homes are just as safe and secure as the regular modular homes and they are just as beautiful too. Planning an environmental friendly home is easy when you have the best modular home contractors in Jones., MI to help you.