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Manufactured Home Builder in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan

The Dream

Every american's dream is to own their very own home. To stand in their very own kitchen and cook, or to sit in the living room and watch the football game, or to sit out back on the newly built deck and watch the kids play. Because of today's economy, this is a dream that is very much out of reach for many people. The staff at Silver Creek Homes in Elkhart, Indiana realize this issue. If you are looking for a modular home builder in northern Indiana or a modular home dealer in northern Indiana, look no further! Opened in 2005, this family run business takes pride in giving their customers exactly the home that they have always dreamed of for an affordable price. These modular and manufactured home builders serve northern Indiana and southern Michigan. They offer a large variety of customized features from the perfect porch to the dream kitchen. This is all to ensure that you get exactly the home you've always dreamed of. Making your dreams come true is the amazing staff at Silver Creek Homes. Craig Pawling is the general contractor. He has ten years of experience under his belt and is a founding partner of Silver Creek Homes, Inc. Adam Cobane is the managing partner. He is also the co-founder of Silver Creek Homes, Inc. He has twelve years of experience in home design and real estate. He has been recognized nationally for top sales. Working as the home design consultant is Connie Hodges. She has fifteen years of experience and has also been recognized nationally for her unique sales approach and for customer satisfaction. Together they make up the amazing staff that will be ready to make your home dream come true! Silver Creek Homes will serve northern Indiana and southern Michigan within a sixty mile radius. This dedicated family takes a great deal of pride in their work and will do everything they can to get your family into the perfect house.


Although they advertise to be modular and manufactured home builders and dealers, they offer a wide range of services that go beyond building and selling. They offer every service possible to make the building experience as easy as possible for their customers.

- Home Design
With over one hundred different floor plans to build off of, they want to ensure that you are designing the home of your dreams. They offer a wide variety of home design plans and will do their very best to design and build your ideal home for you and your family. They realize that this could be your forever home and they take pride in all the work that they do. They are by far the top modular home builder available to the southern michigan area.

- General Contractor
To lessen the stress of building a new home, they offer a full line of general contracting services. They will take care of literally everything for you, from laying the foundation to setting up your mailbox, you will not have to worry about a thing. They are also experienced in new home project management and they will help you choose the little details for your home. This includes custom cabinets, kitchen design, and the vinyl siding. They know that every little detail is what makes the home perfect for the customer and they strive to be as helpful as possible.

- Interior Design
The inside of your home is the most important part. It is where you will spend the majority of your time, so it should be perfect. The design specialists at Silver Creek Homes will work with you and help you choose every detail from the faucets to the lighting to the perfect walk in shower. They will do everything possible to make sure you are in love with your home when they are finished with it.

-Real Estate
If you do not already have your piece of land picked out, the good people at Silver Creek Homes can help with that as well. Where you put your home is very important to you and your family and not just anywhere will do. Unlike regular manufactured mobile homes, these homes will not lose value over time. This means that if you ever decide to move or to get a new home somewhere, your property value will not take a hit. Also, if you stay in your home and on your land, you want that to be in a place where you feel comfortable. The modular home dealers available to southern Michigan ensure your comfort.

- Dream Kitchen
I know you have seen these amazing kitchens on television and thought that you could never afford something so beautiful. The truth is, you can. These modular home builders will work with you and your budget to give you the perfect kitchen. The varied floor plans make the kitchen the focal point of the entire home. This is where you and your family will spend the most time, it should be exactly what you have always pictured it to be.

- Customized Floor Plans
Silver Creek Homes features their own drafting department to assist you in planning your special floor plans. From adding an extension to the garage to opening up or closing in rooms, they can do pretty much anything inside your modular home. You choose the style of home, they style you want on the inside, and their team can make it happen. They should be your number one choice of modular home builders in Indiana and Michigan.

- Financing
Their passion is making the dream of owning a home a reality. They know that home ownership has been just out of reach for so many families and they want to help these families as much as possible. Their financing team is prepared to fight to get you the perfect home loan with the most affordable loan terms.

- Consulting
Building a home can be very stressful. They understand this. They will allow you to be a part of the entire building process. You can meet and speak with everyone who will be working on your home. They will work side by side with you through everything. This is your home, after all, and they want you to be a part of it.

- Deck and Porch Design
The first thing someone is going to see when coming to your home is your front porch. Whether it be small or a wrap around, they can do it! If you like to entertain outside, a deck out back might be a good idea to have. They can build you a deck that will last through water balloon fights and cookouts to winter storms and any other kind of weather element.

- Lawn Design and Landscape
Silver Creek Homes has teamed up with select key partners to give you everything you want with your landscape. These modular home dealers in Indiana and Michigan will help you choose the trees, flowers, and grass that will go together to create a perfect yard.

Model Homes

The style of modular home that you want is very important. This is where you will raise your family and come home to every day from work. You want it to fit your lifestyle now and your lifestyle in the future. This could be your forever home. Luckily, Silver Creek Homes, Inc. has many home models to choose from.

- The Saratoga
This home is perfect for entertaining. It is very spacious with 1,717 square feet. When you walk in, the first thing you see is the kitchen and living room with plenty of room for the whole family. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

- The Hartford
With 2,330 square feet, this three bedroom and two bathroom home is perfect for the growing family. You walk into the dining room and kitchen when you first walk into the house. The family room is just past an archway off of the kitchen and it features a fireplace.

- The Auburn Hills
Another wonderful home for entertaining, this house is 2,112 square feet and also has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen has a large island and the living room has a fireplace and built in entertainment center.

- The Spring Meadow
This three bedroom and two bathroom home is cute and cozy with 1,512 square feet. The living room has a built in computer center and it features a large utility room.

- The Ross Estate
This home features a large great room, along with a large kitchen and family room. It is 1,296 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is the perfect home for anyone.

- The Sea Brook Estate
When you walk into this home, you walk through an archway in the great room and kitchen. It is 1,836 square feet and also features three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

- The Brooklyn
This home has walk in closets in all three bedrooms and is 1,840 square feet with two bathrooms. It features a custom built entertainment center and a large kitchen.

- The Gideon Manor
This is a very versatile home. The floor plan could either be home to three or two bedrooms. It is 1,165 square feet and it perfect for a small family.

- The Cobane Estate
This home is much larger, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also features asun room. This house is perfect for a large family.

- The Ashley Estate
This 1,512 square foot home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and features an open floor plan.

- The Garrison
Perfect for the growing family, this 1,404 square foot home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also has a large kitchen and family room.

Modular or Manufactured

Believe it or not, there are not many similarities between modular andmanufacturedhomes. Modular homes are more like living in a site built home. Silver Creek Homes builders do not recommend purchasing a manufactured home at all. Choose wisely when choosing a manufactured home builder in northern Indiana.

- How They are Built
Manufactured homes are built on a steel beam and axles, unlike modular homes which are built in a controlled environment and then placed on a traditional foundation with a basement or a crawl space. Because of this, modular homes are very similar to site built homes and not much like mobile homes.

- Value
Manufactured home dealers in northern Indiana will tell you all the reasons to choose a manufactured home, but manufactured homes are considered mobile homes and are valued the same as vehicles. This means that they lose value over time. A modular home is built with traditionalconstruction materials including superior insulation and drywall. This means that they are valued like a site built home is. It gains value over time.

- Ability to Customize
Modular homes are customized to what the customer wants in a home. In manufactured homes you can't customize as much and they feel less personal because of this. Manufactured home builders near southern Michigan will not tell you this.
Also, because modular homes are built in a controlled environment, there is less of a risk of mold or bugs or any other kind of health hazard invading your home. Silver Creek Homes are all together more cost friendly, healthier, and comfort focused. Manufactured home dealers in southern Michigan will not tell you this, either.

Home Sweet Home

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Silver Creek Homes are ready to help with all of your home needs. They take pride in their customer service and all of the other services that they offer. When you walk through their doors, you will immediately be treated as their family. From the color of your walls to the type of floors you want to the siding and yard, they will be by your side through every decision that you have to make. When choosing a manufactured home builder in Indiana and Michigan, they should be first on your list. They have grown this business and worked hard to earn the trust of so many customers. Where you call home is a huge part of who you are. They want to capture who you are in every home they build. They will get to know their customers and design and plan until the home is absolutely perfect. Then they will build the home along side of their customer to ensure they get every detail perfect. If you live in the northern Indiana or southern Michigan and you are looking to move or build a home, then you should definitely consider checking into what Silver Creek Homes has to offer. They are a Better Business Bureau (BBB)accredited business and have earned the Million Dollar Award of Excellence from their manufacturers every year that they have been in business. To contact Silver Creek Homes, Inc. you can email them at or you can call them at 877-262-2701. Also, you can fill out a contact form on their website,